Why Mind Your Dripping Taps

Among the essential fixtures that is needed in a house or in any building  is the water tap.  In any establishment, whether residential, commercial or industrial, so long as there is a need for water to be used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing and for production purposes such as in industrial facilities, taps or faucets are very important to pay attention to.


A tap that drips may cause a lot of problems.  It has been found that a dripping tap Melbourne can waste one litre of water per hour.  If this goes on in a week, the water wasted would be enough to fill a bath tub.

A lot of people do not pay attention to dripping tap Melbourne.   This is because they do not realise its impact on their household finances and in the environment as well.

Data from environment agencies show that the regular household can consume up to 150 litres of water in flushing toilets and washing alone.  When added to other usage such as cooking, drinking, watering the garden or the lawn, leaking water pipes and dripping faucets increases the water consumption in a day.   If the household is on a water meter, this adds up to their water bill.

The most sensible thing to do is to fix those leaking water pipes and faucets to prevent them from dripping precious water that we take for granted.   Many households are capable of fixing leaking taps by themselves; however,  it would be wise to employ expert plumbers to do the job.