Clearing Blocked Drainage

The blocked drainage system is one of the most common problems encountered in households.  Depending on the locations, the blocked drains can be caused by a build-up of dead leaves and roots for outside drains, flushed items for toilet problems, and accumulated food particles and grease for kitchen sinks. These problems can be irritating and shouldn’t be left for a longer period of time to prevent the occurrence of more serious troubles such as leakage, overflows or even electric damages.

Several methods and technologies are being used in order to address the issue on the drainage systems. Some use the conventional method while some apply the latest technology in clearing the blocked drains.

Electric Eel

The conventional way of clearing drains uses the electric eel. This drain machine cuts through the drain obstructions using mechanical feed rotating cables and cutting heads. They come in different sizes and lengths depending on the location, block and size of the drain. The only limitation of this traditional method is that it cannot easily pass or go through all places or drainage.

Hydro-Jetter Drain Clearing Machine

This advanced and state of the art draining machine is applicable for more challenging blockages. It clears blockages and cleans pipe at a faster rate with its high-pressure water streams. This pressurized water breaks down heavy deposits of materials, especially in hard to reach areas. The Hydro-Jetter does the clearing job by bringing the pipe back to a better and almost new condition.

Several plumbing and gas services use the most effective technologies to solve problems on blocked drains Melbourne. Whether the conventional or the latest methods are used, their main goal is to give clients the best results in a faster and more efficient way.