Burst Pipe Emergency: What You Should Do

A burst pipe melbourne is something that everyone wants to avoid. With all the damage it brings, comes the costs that you will want to do without. Nevertheless, it could happen to anyone, anytime and it is best that you be ready if ever your pipes decide to break.

1.       Shut off the main water supply. To do this, make sure that the switch’s location is familiar to you and everyone who lives with you beforehand. This will help keep more water from damaging the other fixtures in your home.

2.       Drain out all the water from the pipes. You can do this by turning on all your cold taps and flushing all the toilets. Also, switch off the water heating system before turning on your hot taps. This will drain the water and stop the leak.

3.       Locate the leak. To prevent further damage, the break should be dealt with right away. If it is just a tiny crack, it can be patched temporarily.

4.       Call a pro. Attempting to do the repairs on your own could be dangerous, ineffective and could even worsen the damage. Calling an expert would be best.

5.       Contact your insurance provider. An insurance claim should be filed. Your agent will advise you on the whole process. Remember to document the damage. This step is essential so even before your agent shows up, take photos of the damage.

6.       Know how to maintain your plumbing system. Plumbers will always be there to help you but preventing the damage in the first place will save you headaches and a lot of money.